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Six Tips to Help You Advance Your Process Engineering Career

A rewarding career in any engineering discipline takes a focused effort throughout your professional life. Showing up each day merely going through the motions won’t result in a managerial or executive role. Technical mastery combined with business acumen and a proactive nature ultimately puts you on the path to success.

If your goal is taking your process engineering career to a higher level, then take heed of these tips and insights to get you on the right track. Good luck in your career development efforts!

Stay Active on LinkedIn

Hopefully, you already have a LinkedIn account and regularly keep it up to date. You should treat it like the online version of your résumé. Additionally, make the effort to connect with other process engineers as well as companies in the field. LinkedIn Groups are a great source of networking connections.

Keep Setting – and Achieving – Goals

Each year, make the effort to set a few career-related goals for the upcoming 12 months. Track your progress towards achieving throughout the year. Creating this formalized process for career development should be second nature for a process engineer!

Become a Thought Leader in Your Field

Sharpen your writing skills and publish a regular series of articles on process engineering. Either set up your own blog or use LinkedIn to place your articles – maybe even both? This helps get you noticed in the field with new opportunities soon to follow.

Give a Presentation at a Conference

This offers a great chance to network and be recognized for your abilities. Be sure to bring business cards as well as printed versions of your presentation to pass out.

Continuous Education is a Must

Earning an advanced engineering degree is a great way to supercharge your career prospects. Consider acquiring an MBA to add some business skills to your technical knowledge. This combination is typical among technology executives.

Mentor Your Co-Workers

Leverage your experience and insights to mentor your co-workers at the office. Be a trusted source of advice and wisdom when questions arise. This is a great way to display leadership – your managers will definitely notice, putting you on the short track for promotion.

When you need additional advice on growing your career as a process engineer, talk to the experts at Synerfac. As one of the top technology staffing agencies in Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania, we also know what companies are looking for talented professionals. Connect with us soon!