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Seven Best Practices for Crafting an Effective Strategic Staffing Plan

Managing the staffing needs for your IT organization requires a well-considered approach. Trying to handle this important function without sufficient planning leads to mistaken hires and wasted resources. This is especially true in a technology industry suffering from an acute shortage of quality candidates.

With building a top-notch technology team in mind, here are a few insights and ideas on developing an effective staffing plan. Consider these best practices to help create and execute an efficient process.

Developing a Staffing Plan

Many companies simply react when they have a need for a new employee, with a poor hire as a typical result. Don’t make the same mistake as your competition! Make the effort to craft a staffing plan for your organization.

Quantify Your Company’s “Ideal Candidate”

Work with your HR team and management team to come up with a set of criteria describing the ideal candidate for your organization. Ensure everyone responsible for vetting candidates leverages these standards whenever it becomes time to make a new hire.

Maintain a Pool of Qualified Candidates

Keeping a robust supply of high-quality technology candidates at the ready helps streamline your hiring process whenever a need arises. Working closely with a staffing agency partner is one way to ensure access to top-notch IT professionals willing to be part of your organization.

Create a List of Standard Interview Questions

Have your interview team work from a list of standardized questions, while also giving them the leeway to choose from this list during the interview. This helps make the post-interview analysis a more scientific process.

Use a Candidate Rating System

Speaking of making the interview process more scientific, create a rating system used by all interviewers to assist in candidate selection. This rating system can also be leveraged by the HR personnel responsible for vetting candidates before interviewing begins.

Make Staff-Level Planning Part of Your Long-Term Strategic Direction

Your company’s future staffing needs must be part of any strategic planning performed by your executive team. Knowing how many employees are needed one, two or even five years down the road is vital.

Partner With an Experienced Technical Staffing Company

Working with an experienced IT staffing agency ensures your company’s staffing plan leads to great new hires. As noted earlier, the best agencies also maintain a supply of qualified candidates, making your hiring process easier.

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