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How to Hire Top Scientific Project Managers

Project managers play a key role in any technology or scientific undertaking. The best ones combine technical know-how with business acumen while serving a myriad of roles, all aimed at bringing a project to a successful completion. Strong communication ability (both written and verbal) in addition to people skills are some other key abilities separating the top PMs from the rest of the pack.

Finding and hiring the best scientific project managers requires the proper execution of a well-considered hiring plan. Let’s take a closer look at everything necessary to ensure your team employs great PMs.

A Detailed Job Description is a Must

Work with your HR staff to craft a job description that fully explains the duties of the position along with any required skills and abilities. A description that contains too much generic information won’t help you find the experienced scientific project manager your organization needs. Sure, many top-notch professionals can manage projects across a variety of disciplines, but your chances of hiring the best are improved by explaining exactly what you are looking for.

Look for Specialized Scientific Project Management Experience

Related to the previous point, while some project managers’ skill sets nicely translate into the scientific arena, focus on the candidates with experience on the types of projects undertaken at your company. When considering the expensive nature of any hiring process, it is important to make your search effort as efficient as possible. This means filtering out those candidates without the specific experience you need.

Don’t Skimp on Checking References

Since you’ve made the effort to use a detailed job description while only interviewing candidates with scientific project management experience, it is also wise to fully vet those final few choices before extending a job offer. This includes checking all references with an eye towards verifying the nature of their previous PM experience. Failure to do so could lead to making the wrong hire.

Work With a Trusted Staffing Agency

A partnership with a staffing agency experienced in the unique abilities of a scientific project manager offers the best chance at making the right hiring decision. The top staffing agencies also maintain a supply of vetted candidates able to make a positive difference for your firm.

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