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How to Write a Killer Electrical Engineering Cover Letter

When considering the other parts of the job search effort – the résumé and the interview most notably – sometimes the venerable cover letter gets short shrift. Finding a great job in the electrical engineering field becomes easier with a focused effort; including a well-considered and personalized cover letter. It also gives you a chance to add extra detail supporting the contents of your CV.

With an ultimately successful EE job hunt in mind, here are a few tips on how to craft a winning cover letter. Soon you will be in the engineering job of your dreams. Good luck!

Use a Cover Letter Template to Save Time

Searching for an electrical engineering job is a harried process at times. Anything you can do to add a measure of efficiency to your task list is a smart idea. Use your word processing software’s ability to create a template to make the process of writing a cover letter faster.

Personalizing Each Cover Letter is a Must

Even when using a template, take the time to personalize each cover letter for the relevant open position. Remember that templates are saving you the time it would take to write each letter from scratch. Research the company in question and add some company information to the letter – this is a nice extra touch that gets noticed by hiring managers.

The Cover Letter Supports the Information on Your Résumé

When an engineering company posts an open position, they typically hear from a hoard of candidates. This is why you need to ensure your résumé is concise and to the point. Hiring managers only get a minute or two at the most to peruse your CV.

Use the cover letter to go into extra detail on your abilities and the tangible difference you made for previous employers. Attract their attention with the résumé, and clinch your chance at an interview with the additional information provided in a cover letter. This is an effective approach throughout any job search.

Encourage Further Communication

When closing your cover letter, restate your interest in the position, while expressing hope for the chance to discuss the matter in person at an interview. Be confident and polite. Before sending the letter on its way, be sure to proofread for any spelling and grammatical errors.

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