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Artificial Intelligence: Carving Out New Career Opportunities for IT Professionals

Artificial Intelligence – better known as AI – continues to make inroads throughout the technology industry. Everything from machine learning to data mining benefits from the enhanced analytical routines provided by artificial intelligence. This growth in adoption has created copious opportunities for technology professionals in a variety of roles.

If you are interested in changing directions in your tech career to take advantage of the emergence of AI, there’s no better time than the present. Soon, a new position at the cutting edge of IT will be yours!

Machine Learning for Software Engineers

A growing need exists for software engineers with experience in writing machine learning algorithms. In short, these kinds of programs take an input dataset and process it with the hopes of “learning” how to create the desired output. The applications for machine learning are numerous, especially in the statistics and data mining fields.

Unlike some of the more research-oriented AI positions, an advanced degree isn’t typically a requirement, although a master’s gives you a better chance of earning an interview. In lieu of practical experience, consider taking a course or two in the subject before applying for a position.

Data Scientists Are Needed Throughout the Industry

As businesses try to wean actionable information out of masses of social-media derived data, the role of the data scientist remains in demand across the IT world. Data scientists leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning routines to help find relevant patterns within information. While a PhD is a requirement for many data scientist positions, any experienced tech pro with strong data, math, business and programming skills makes for a good candidate.

AI Consultant

While AI is a leading-edge technology growing in importance, business still drives the tech world – not the other way around. As such, artificial intelligence consultants are needed to help project stakeholders understand how the underlying AI routines and technology used actually benefits the bottom line. This role is somewhat similar to a business analyst, but with a stronger background in science, data and software engineering.

A bachelor’s degree is generally the main educational requirement for these positions, along with a few years of tangible experience in AI project delivery with domain knowledge specific to the open position (machine learning, natural language processing, or visual object recognition.)

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