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Don’t Let These Résumé Mistakes Cost You a Shot at a Job

While the interview plays an important role in earning you a technology job offer, without a great résumé, you won’t even get a chance to meet with the company in question. Making any kind of mistake on your résumé puts your chance at getting hired in the recycle bin. This is a case where taking the time to get it right – including proofreading – is a must.

With an eye towards earning an interview and eventually a job offer, here are a few mistakes you need to avoid when writing your résumé. Don’t let a simple error blow your chance at a great IT job. Good luck!

Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Remember what we said about proofreading your résumé! Any grammar or spelling errors may doom your candidacy. In addition to your own eyes, have a friend – or better yet a recruiter – review your résumé for these kinds of easily fixed errors.

Make Sure Your Information is Accurate

No one is accusing you of purposely putting inaccurate information on your résumé, but it is easy to make mistakes, including getting dates wrong. Double-check the names of any software applications and technology platforms you’ve used. Additionally, make sure your job titles and duties are correct, as you can expect a hiring manager to verify this information when checking references.

Poor Formatting and Stylistic Choices

A typical IT hiring manager takes less than a minute to give a résumé an initial perusal. If your CV uses a variety of fonts and other ill-considered style choices, making it too difficult to read, the chance of getting an interview may be finished. Simplicity and clarity needs to be the focus.

Not Detailing Your IT Skills and Abilities in a Separate Section

Given the short amount of time a hiring manager uses for an initial vetting of your résumé, if you don’t highlight your technology skills in a separate keyword-laden section, they’ll probably move on to the next candidate. Make it easy for them to call you in for an interview. Highlighting your tangible technical skills is a requirement.

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