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Four Tips to Help You Achieve Focus and Momentum in Your Career Advancement

A lifelong and rewarding technology career takes both dedication and focus. Whether your goal is working your way up to the executive team or staying at the forefront of technical innovation, it helps to create a career plan and dedicate yourself to its execution. A high-tech profession means your education never really ends, and this rule also applies to career development.

With a successful IT professional life in mind, here are a few insights on how to keep your career path on an upwards trend. Good luck in your efforts!

Invest in Your Continuing Education

Earning an advanced degree – either in technology or perhaps an MBA – is one of the wisest choices to keep your career on the fast track to success. A master’s in your technical specialty makes sense if you want to stay somewhat closer to technical work. An MBA is a perfect compliment to a technology undergraduate degree; it’s a smart option if you hope to reach the proverbial corner office.

Be sure to take advantage of any tuition reimbursement benefits offered by your current employer.

Focus on Building a Robust Professional Network

Networking needs to be an important focus throughout your career. This includes both growing an online network on LinkedIn and other social media, as well as meeting like-minded professionals at conferences and industry mixers. You never know when a connection from your network will provide a job lead or a solution to a technical problem causing you headaches at the office.

Find a Mentor and/or Career Coach

Enlightened opinions from a career coach or a mentor might be the perfect solution to keep your technology career trending upwards. Find someone from your professional network willing to mentor you on some of the expected changes throughout an IT career. They can also help you develop a set of goals and a plan to achieve them.

Achieve a Balance Between Your Professional and Personal Lives

While it may seem a bit counterintuitive, successfully balancing your personal and professional lives offers a solid foundation to grow a rewarding career. A healthy mind and body keeps stress to a minimum while ensuring you won’t get burned out by those occasional busy periods in the office. Regular exercise, meditation, and social activity are all an important part of achieving this balance.

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