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Five Tips for Updating Your Résumé (and Finding a Great Engineering Job)

If you are planning to look for a new engineering position, having a compelling résumé is a must. Considering the number of candidates applying for any open position, your CV really needs to stand out from the pack to get noticed by a hiring manager – no matter your technical skills and professional experience. Without one, your candidacy has a better chance of ending up in the circular file.

Here are a few tips on how to update your résumé with a goal of finding a top-notch engineering job.

Keywords Get You Noticed

Most recruiters search for qualified engineering candidates using any number of keywords, usually describing technical abilities and tangible work experience. Your résumé needs to leverage these keywords in the skills section in addition to sprinkling them throughout your professional history. Don’t let your job quest falter at the bottom of the search results!

Ensure Everything Is Accurate and up to Date

Sending out a résumé with an old address and out of date contact information won’t get you called in for an interview. In addition to making sure your professional history and skill set are current, do the same thing with the rest of your CV.

Consider Personalizing a Résumé for a Specific Job

Writing personalized cover letters is an essential part of any engineering job search. But what about personalizing each résumé you send out for the position? This lets you highlight relevant experience as well as any skills the company desires. It is a smart tactic; likely boosting your chances at earning an interview.

Modernize Your Résumé’s Style and Look

It is important to periodically refresh the style of your résumé to keep in line with the latest industry trends. For example, don’t include an objective statement as they have become passé in recent years. As noted earlier, perform the same task on the skills and abilities section of your CV – removing any outdated technologies and software packages.

Partner With an Experienced Engineering Recruiter

The trained eye of a recruiter experienced in the engineering field ensures your résumé is properly updated and ready to help you find your dream job. The best recruiters also know what companies have open positions – sometimes before the public at large. A partnership with one is simply smart for your career.

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