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Seven Essential Items to Highlight in Your LinkedIn Profile

As the preeminent social network for professionals, a LinkedIn account is a must for anyone working in the IT industry. It essentially serves as the online version of your résumé, allowing recruiters and potential employers to contact you about a position of interest. Additionally, the network’s Groups feature lets you connect with other like-minded technology pros; you may learn something new about the latest innovations in the field.

Here are a few tips and ideas for using your LinkedIn profile to highlight the most relevant items in your career. Leverage these insights to ensure you get noticed in the industry. Good luck!

Don’t Forget Keywords When Detailing Your Technology Skills

Recruiters use LinkedIn’s search functionality to find qualified candidates for their open positions. Make sure you use popular keywords in your job descriptions denoting the most relevant parts of your technical skill set. This lets any interested parties find you more easily.

Create a Custom URL

LinkedIn lets their users create a custom URL for their profile. Take advantage of this feature to create a memorable online address instead of the default numeric ID. It looks better on a business card or a résumé as well.

Write a Meaningful Headline

Craft a catchy headline for your LinkedIn profile to serve as a useful alternative to just displaying your current employer and job title. Use it to highlight your technical specialty or the benefits you bring to an organization as an employee.

The LinkedIn Profile Summary is Useful

LinkedIn allows you to create a profile summary that’s a few paragraphs long. Leverage this space to highlight your most significant career achievements as well as your most relevant skills and abilities. Treat the summary as a virtual cover letter.

Highlight Any Tangible Career Accomplishments

In addition to using the profile summary, highlight any relevant career achievements within each job description in your professional history. Include facts and figures just like on a résumé. Companies want to understand the positive impact you’ve made for previous employers.

Add Multimedia Content to your Profile

LinkedIn lets you add multimedia content – photos, videos, etc. – to your profile. If you’ve given a speech on a technical topic or created a few interesting infographics, post them on your profile to give it some extra sizzle.

Post Self-written Articles

If you regularly write articles about technology, including on your own blog, post the best ones to your LinkedIn profile to position yourself as a thought leader in the technology industry. This definitely helps you get noticed among your peers.

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