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Don’t Let Them Forget: How to Follow-Up During Your Job Search

A technology job search can be a long and drawn-out process – for both the candidates and hiring managers. Even after participating in a successful interview, it might take a few weeks for a company to make a final decision on who to hire. In this situation, it is a good idea to periodically follow up with the hiring manager to stay on the forefront of their thoughts.

Here are a few ideas on how to follow up with a company after an interview without becoming a pest. Leverage these insights to give you the best chance at earning a coveted IT job offer. Good luck!

A Thank-You Note After the Interview is a Must

Within a day of the interview, send the interviewer a thank-you note, either email or handwritten. This presents a positive message of appreciation – especially when using snail mail – and serves to keep your candidacy on the minds of the hiring team. It’s also a perfect example of showing professional courtesy; something you’ll need to do throughout your career.

Best Practices for Following up After an Interview

A thank-you note is the first step when following up after a technology interview. Before the interview ends, ask about contact throughout the rest of their hiring process. Find out what channel of communication to use and when they expect to make a decision.

This gives you an idea of how often to reach out – and what method to use. Contacting them more than once per week may seem like pestering; so pay attention to the frequency of your messages. If you still haven’t heard anything and it is past the company’s stated decision date, reach out one final time for a status check.

Remind Them of Your Technical Skills in Your Messaging

Skillfully work in a reminder of your technical abilities and experience when following up. Maybe leverage some recent technology news in your message? For example, if you work in IT security, mentioning the recent Equifax hacking incident could relate to an experience from earlier in your career.

The most important point is to keep you – and your skill set – in the company’s mind before their final decision gets made.

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