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Is Your Tech Job Offer Competitive? Here’s How to Tell.

Your hunt for a technology job was hard work, and now you’ve been rewarded with an offer from a top IT company in your area. Before agreeing to join the firm, you need to know whether or not the offer is competitive – both for the position as well as the cost of living index in that region. Finding the answers to these questions is a must before saying “yes.”

Let’s look more closely at how to determine whether this job offer meets your needs, both now and for your future career prospects.

Consider the Entire Offer

Some circumstances may warrant accepting a job offer at a salary lower than the regional average for your position. Perhaps the company is a startup and potentially lucrative stock options are part of the compensation package? Jobs at government agencies also typically pay a lower salary but offer superior benefits – possibly including a pension.

Consider everything the job offer entails before making your final decision.

Research IT Salaries in Your Area

An informed decision on any tech job offer is vital if you want the best result for your career. Therefore, take time researching typical IT salaries for the position in question, while considering the cost of living index in your area. You can find sources for this information online and by talking to colleagues from your professional network.

Also, the reputation of the company offering you a job comes into play. Are they known for treating their employees with respect? Is their retention rate high, or are they hampered by abnormally high turnover? These factors should also contribute to your final choice.

Leverage the Wisdom of Your Recruiter

An experienced technology recruiter is arguably your best source of information about the competitiveness of any IT job offer. The best ones are aware of the average salaries across a wide range of tech positions. They also understand how the cost of living in the area factors into your ultimate take home pay.

A recruiter is your partner; they want the best for your career and will help you make the right decision, taking all factors into consideration.

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