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How to Gauge a Company’s Workplace Culture During the Hiring Process

Your résumé and cover letter attracted the interest of a tech company in your local region. The interview seems to be going well, and you hope to get a tour of their office space to see if it reveals a welcoming culture. Finding out the answer to this question is vital before accepting any job offer, as you don’t want to start searching all over again if the company is a poor cultural fit.

Here are a few tips and insights for gauging an organization’s office culture when still in the hiring process. Make sure you are well-informed before agreeing to become their new employee.

Talk With a Few Trusted Colleagues

Finding out everything possible about a company during the hiring process is something provided by a robust professional network. Reach out to colleagues to see if they can offer any opinions about the company in question. Of course, anyone from your network who actually worked there is a great resource; others may know a current or former employee willing to share a few insights.

Take note of any special perks, such as flexible scheduling and the ability to telecommute, as these are a sign of a positive company culture.

Research Online Sources for Company Culture Information

A few hours spent performing internet research is also useful to discover opinions about the company culture from current and former employees. Glassdoor is one website that may provide some meaningful insights, but be sure to weigh opinions from your professional network. Perhaps a colleague can confirm or deny something you’ve discovered online?

The important thing is to obtain accurate information, so be sure to confirm any opinions – good or bad – about the company from multiple sources, if possible.

Use Your Keen Eye During an Office Visit

If given the opportunity to tour the company’s offices after an on-site interview, pay close attention to your surroundings. Is the office furniture modern and ergonomic? Do employees get any additional perks of the IT trade, like dual monitors and high-end computers? Most importantly, does it feel like the kind of environment where you can thrive?

Take note of any signs of the mood of their current staff, including both disgruntled and happier employees. A well-appointed break room and kitchen also provide a measure of insight into the company culture.

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