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Five Signs an Employee is Promotion Ready

Identifying the top talent in your organization – and giving them the responsibilities commensurate with their skill set – remains one of the most important abilities of any technology manager. A quality IT company needs to provide their employees with the career ladder that fosters professional development. Failure to do so makes it difficult to retain your best workers – an important factor in the overall success of your office.

With an eye towards giving your best employees the additional responsibilities they deserve, here are a few signs the company’s talent is ready for a promotion.

Displaying Leadership Potential

If a technology employee regularly takes the time to mentor their co-workers, especially with a new application or DevOps tool, this is an obvious sign of their leadership potential. They understand the value of collaboration and being a team player — important attributes in today’s IT world. Additional responsibility and a promotion are likely warranted.

Always Striving to Learn New Technologies

A career in the information technology field means the learning never stops. Employees who take the time to refresh their skill set are worth their weight in gold throughout the industry. Take note of your team members who go the extra mile when it comes to broadening their technical abilities.

They Are a True “Team” Player

The days of the lone wolf programmer in the IT industry are long over. Communication and teamwork are vital in today’s business world. Your employees who understand this basic fact and consistently put the team ahead of their own considerations are worthy of attention.

A Consistently High Level of Performance

Those employees with a higher productivity level compared to the rest of their co-workers likely deserve a promotion. Leverage any metrics used at your company to track these high performers. Trust your intuition as well, since the numbers don’t always tell the full story.

Thought Leadership Outside the Office

Some staff members might be earning accolades outside your office for their keen insights into the technology world. Maybe they publish a popular blog or regularly speak at technical conferences? Consider giving them a promotion as soon as possible before they look elsewhere for another opportunity.

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