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Don’t Be Hoodwinked! Key Signs a Candidate Isn’t Being Truthful in a Job Interview

When your tech company is interviewing for a new position, the final hiring decision must be the right one. After all, it is a time-consuming and expensive process requiring the efforts of your managers and HR team. The interview plays a vital role in vetting a candidate’s abilities, including whether they are being truthful.

With a correct decision on a candidate in mind, here are a few tips to check their truthfulness during an interview. Hopefully, these insights lead to your organization making the right hire.

Open-Ended Questions Lead to Meaningful Discussions

Ask open-ended questions about a candidate’s professional experience during the interview, as these queries force them to go into detail about how they achieved tangible benefits in the past. While they are answering, pay close attention to their body language in addition to the answer itself.

If they seem fidgety or are unable to maintain natural eye contact, this may be a red flag worthy of further notice. Additionally, take note of the plausibility of the technical aspects of their answer; probe deeper when necessary to get closer to the truth. In short, open ended questions give you the opportunity to make a candidate support the contents of their résumé.

Spot Check Their Technical Experience

It is important a candidate possesses experience in the languages, tools and frameworks your company uses. While a technical interview is the best way to a vet a candidate’s capabilities, the initial meeting also provides an opportunity to ensure they aren’t exaggerating their skill set. Ask a few pointed questions about the technical abilities detailed on their résumé, with an eye towards catching any dishonesty during an answer.

Work with your tech managers to come up with a few straightforward technical questions requiring simple answers.

Give the Candidate a Quick Technical Test

In a similar manner, consider giving technical candidates a quick test based on either their previous work experience or a current project at your organization. This gives your team another chance to verify a candidate’s honesty during the first interview. It doesn’t need to be a detailed test, like during a technical interview, just something simple to check their knowledge of a certain tool.

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