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Six Steps to an Impactful – and Successful – Job Search

A quest for a new job in the technology industry can be a time-consuming and difficult process. It is important to plan thoroughly while working towards your goal of finding a great IT position. A measure of persistence and fortitude also helps, considering there are many other talented tech professionals searching for work as well.

With a successful job search in mind, here are a few ideas to ensure your work gets rewarded in the long run. Soon the technology job of your dreams will be yours. Good luck!

A Job Search Plan is a Must

Before embarking on your IT job search, spend some time creating a detailed plan. A haphazard effort in this regard simply wastes the overall effort. Ensure you understand the position you want, while identifying the companies where you’d make a great fit.

Update Your Résumé and Cover Letter Template

A freshly updated résumé is an essential requirement for any job search; this rule applies to your LinkedIn profile as well. Consider personalizing each résumé for the open positions that interest you. Take a similar approach to your cover letters; using a template helps save you time.

Fine-Tune Your Social Media Presence

Get active on LinkedIn and other internet-based forums related to your technical specialization. This is a great way to network with like-minded professionals and possibly clue you into some open positions not announced to the public. Also, make sure there are no embarrassing photos or posts on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Perform Deep Research on Each Company That Interests You

Try to understand every company you contact as deeply as possible. Find out about their office culture, project work and prospects. The research will pay off whenever you get called in for an interview.

Interview Practice is Vital

Speaking of which, make sure to spend significant time practicing your interviewing techniques. Work on speaking clearly, displaying positive body language and making natural eye contact. Also, review your own professional history and technical skills, so they are at the front of your mind during the interview.

A Partnership With an Experienced IT Recruiter Makes Sense

Partnering with a talented technology recruiter who understands the market gives you the best chance at a successful job search. Make sure to find one experienced in your region who takes the time to get to know you as a professional and a person.

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