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Essential Steps to Take After Accepting an Engineering Job Offer

A well-crafted résumé attracted the attention of a hiring manager at a local engineering company. They brought you in for an interview and your prep work paid off with a compelling performance which resulted in a generous job offer. After agreeing to join their team, you are probably wondering about the next steps to take.

With a successful transition to your new job in mind, here are a few insights and ideas to ensure everything goes smoothly. Soon, your career will be trending at a level higher than ever before!

Give Notice to Your Current Employer

Assuming this isn’t your first professional position after graduation, you will need to give notice to your current employer. Two weeks is the professional standard, so don’t schedule the first day on the new job until working things out at your current job. If your current employer releases you before those two weeks are up, use the opportunity to deal with a few personal items while getting prepared for your new position.

Formulate an Exit Plan With Management

The boss at your current job will likely want to create an exit plan for handling the transfer of current project work and other responsibilities. It is important not to leave your soon-to-be former company in a bad situation because of moving on for another job. Remember the importance of maintaining a healthy professional network for a successful career, so burning bridges is never a wise action to take.

In your final days, partner with the co-worker(s) taking over your task list to ensure they understand everything involved and are ready to be successful in your former role.

Inform Other Companies You Contacted During the Job Search

It is also important to give notice to any other companies you contacted during the job search. Additionally, remove your application and/or résumé from any online sources or at least change your status to unavailable. Update your LinkedIn account as well as other online versions of your résumé.

Stay in Touch With Your New Employer

Reach out to your new employer about acquiring any study material before your first day in their office. This includes any project work, manuals for any computer applications new to you or anything else required to ensure your transition onto their team as quickly as possible.

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