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“Do IT Recruiters Charge Candidates to Find a Job?” – Top Questions About Recruiters – Answered!

Whenever you search for a technology position, recruiters likely end up playing a role in your job search. The best IT headhunters know their local market, understand the hottest technologies and stay aware of the current needs of the companies they serve. In short, partnering with a tech recruiter makes perfect sense if you want the best shot at a successful result.

Let’s take a closer look at some answers to a few common questions that arise about IT recruiters and their role in a technology job search. Leverage these insights to ensure you are prepared the next time you want a new position in the industry.

Most Recruiters Don’t Charge IT Candidates

In most cases, the company looking to fill a need pays a recruiter for access to their top candidates. While some headhunters exist that require a fee from candidates for their services, make it a point to avoid these “premium” organizations. They hold no advantage over a traditional company-paid technical staffing agency.

No, a Recruiter Can’t Guarantee You a Job

Your success depends on your skill set, tangible professional experience, a well-crafted résumé and an exemplary interview performance. Leverage your recruiter’s knowledge and insights to get you ready, but ultimately, your job search result primarily depends on you alone.

Yes, a Recruiter Checks Your Online Presence Before Working With You

Expect a recruiter to thoroughly vet your background and online presence before presenting you to their client. As such, make sure no professionally embarrassing items exist on your social media accounts. The recruiter needs to maintain their sterling reputation.

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