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2018 Scientific Staffing – Five Tips for Writing a Great Staffing Strategy

As the new year approaches, it comes time for smart companies to begin formulating their staffing strategy for 2018 and beyond. No technology organization is able to thrive without a steady stream of talented employees, so ensuring your staff meets the needs of the business is essential. An increasingly competitive IT landscape simply demands this extra effort.

With building a great collection of employees in mind, here are a few ideas for formulating a winning staffing strategy for your organization. Leverage these insights to grow the best team possible!

Align the Company’s Staffing Strategy With Its Business Plan

In a sense, an organization’s staffing strategy is only as good as its overall business plan. For example, it makes no sense to add a new group of IT employees if your organization is looking to outsource its technical infrastructure. Make sure any corporate staffing plan stays aligned with the short-term and long-term goals of the business.

A Robust Training Program is a Must

Developing a well-considered training program is a requirement of any organizational staffing plan. After all, what’s the point of onboarding new hires without giving them the training necessary for professional success? Additionally, offering tuition reimbursement as part of the company benefits package is another key component of any training policy.

Analyze Technology Industry Trends

Constant change remains a singular truth within the IT industry. Some job roles that were in-demand a decade ago barely make a dent in today’s market. Ensure the company staffing plan takes into account these shifts within the industry.

Make Sure You Accurately Rate Your Current Staff

Any staffing plan becomes less valuable when your company is unable to sufficiently rate its current employees. Their professional development is hampered, and your HR team is essentially stuck working in the dark when it comes to filling the needs of the organization. Developing a tangible and metrics-based system for employee reviews needs to be a goal of your company’s HR department.

Review – and Change – the Company Staffing Plan Every Year

Consider the corporate staffing plan to be a living document; one to be reviewed and modified each year as part of the company’s normal business planning process. The company’s HR team, technology managers and senior executives all need to add their own insights to its continued development.

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