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2018 Tech Skills in High Demand

One obvious constant in the technology industry remains its rapid rate of change. This fact places the onus on tech professionals – especially those hoping to get hired over the next 12 months – to stay aware of the hottest skills in the IT field. Remember, tech employees boasting a skill set from a few years ago may find it difficult looking for work in today’s market.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the hottest tech skills IT companies need in 2018. Leverage this information to ensure your technical capabilities match what organizations want in the coming year.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Companies need employees with both the technical chops and business acumen able to make sense of the data generated by their business. Familiarity with database technologies from SQL to NoSQL as well the ability to write and perform queries against stored data is a must. Candidates must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as well.

Data Science

Related to the previous skill, the understanding of data science also helps businesses see a return on their investment in big data technology. Data scientists work “closer to the iron,” being responsible for the database technology and design used to store any kind of corporate data. These tech professionals typically boast a PhD or a master’s degree at the minimum.


Barely a week goes by without hearing of yet another story about a hacking incident affecting consumer data. This scourge of cybercriminal activity makes tech professionals with a cybersecurity background some of the most desired candidates in the IT industry. In addition to at least a bachelor’s degree, tech pros looking for work in this role need to possess a certification or two in a relevant cybersecurity discipline.

Network System Administration

Even as more companies adopt a cloud-based model for their technical infrastructure, IT candidates with network administration skills remain in demand. General problem-solving abilities and analytical skills help separate the best administrators from the rest of the pack. Exposure to newer organizational methodologies like DevOps is another big plus.

Similar to cybersecurity, network administration is another technical discipline where earning a few certifications – MCSA, MCSE, SCSA, etc. – helps raise your chances at being called in for an interview and subsequently, a job offer.

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