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How to Find a Great Engineering Job in 2018

With the new year now upon us, taking your career to a higher level becomes a worthy goal. Many engineering companies, armed with a new 2018 budget, now look to add to their talent pool. If you hope to find a great new job in the industry this year, it helps to be prepared, including a job search plan and an updated résumé.

Let’s look more closely at what steps you need to take to find a position as an engineer with a top-notch company. Hopefully, these insights put your professional life on a new path to success!

Developing a Job Search Plan is a Great First Step

Searching for an engineering job without creating a plan only wastes your effort. A plan includes detailing the types of companies that interest you. Researching these firms is a must.

Create a timeline and a set of goals to give you something to track throughout your search. Make note when you contact companies, while also highlighting those interested in bringing you in for an interview. Remember, a job search requires your full-time effort, so return to your plan regularly to keep track of your progress.

Keep Your Résumé Updated

Updating your résumé is a must before embarking on a job search. This includes the versions on your LinkedIn account and other online sources. Consider personalizing each résumé and cover letter for every open position for which you apply.

Practice Your Interviewing Techniques

Take some time for a few practice interviews. Be sure you research your own work history and engineering skill set so this information stays at the forefront of your mind when under the gun. Work on maintaining a positive body posture, speaking clearly and making natural eye contact with the interviewer.

Partner With an Experienced Engineering Recruiter

A partnership with an experienced recruiter knowledgeable in the engineering industry makes perfect sense when looking for a new job. The best recruiters prepare you for a job search. They also help vet the quality of your résumé and interviewing skills.

Top recruiters know what companies are in the market for talented technical professionals. In fact, you may even hear of open positions before the general public. This helps you get your foot in the door before the competition.

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