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2018 Technical Staffing Guide – How to Find and Retain Great Talent

A talented group of employees remains the lifeblood of any IT organization. This time-honored rule never changes, no matter the twists and turns of a vibrant technology industry. Your organization needs to bend over backwards to ensure it finds, hires and retains top-notch candidates.

With a dynamic technical staff in mind, here is a guide to help your company achieve success through smart and strategic staffing. Use these ideas to make your office team the envy of your competition.

Build a Welcoming Company Culture

Most HR pundits agree that organizational culture plays the biggest role in being able to hire and retain talented technology employees. Your company needs to take the steps to foster this kind of office environment. Interesting project work, flexible hours – including the ability to telecommute, and the firm’s social consciousness all contribute to building a positive culture.

Ultimately, make your company the place where talented IT professionals want to grow their career. This definitely helps show positive results when executing your next hiring plan.

Develop a Detailed Staffing Plan

The right amount of planning improves the efficacy of your company’s staffing initiatives. Developing an organizational staffing plan needs to be a focus of your HR team. A key component of this plan includes projecting the office’s hiring needs over the next one to five years.

Also, devise a common rating system to use during interviews and when vetting résumés. A collection of standard interview questions also makes perfect sense. Improving the efficiency of the hiring process needs to be the goal.

A Partnership With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency is Smart Business

Partner with an experienced technical staffing agency serving your region for another boost to your company’s hiring efforts. The best agencies are able to review the company staffing plan as well as your office culture to see how it compares with similar firms in your field. They typically maintain a robust list of quality IT candidates to meet a variety of needs for their clients.

Over time, your staffing agency partner learns the types of candidates able to succeed in your shop. They better understand the office culture and the overall growth of the company. This partnership becomes an important part of being able to find and retain top-notch IT talent.

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