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Ten Soft Skills Employers Look for When Hiring in 2018


Sure, your technical ability plays an important role when searching for a new job in the technology field. However, employers want candidates with the soft skills necessary to succeed in a modern IT world. For many companies, communication and collaboration now rank as high as someone’s tech chops when it comes to choosing those to interview.

With an eye towards a successful job search, check out this list of the top soft skills employers need for today’s economy. Highlight these on your résumé and during an interview.

Verbal and Written Communication

This era of DevOps requires tech employees to regularly interact with their co-workers and business stakeholders. Strong communication skills matter!


IT companies stay on the hunt for leadership talent among their new hires. Highlight any management experience for a better chance at an interview.

A Strong Work Ethic

Organizations want dependable employees able to keep their productivity level at its highest. Draw attention to how you displayed a strong work ethic throughout your career.

Problem Solving

Any technology project will have a variety of problems to be solved daily. Be sure to note your problem-solving skills on your résumé.


Being able to mentor your younger co-workers positions you as someone with management potential. As noted earlier, employers want workers who know how to lead.

A Good Cultural Fit

Company culture plays a big part in organizations being able to recruit and retain the top IT talent. Being a good fit at the office helps get you hired!


Today’s technology professionals need to wear many different hats. Employers look for flexibility and a broad skill set when interviewing IT candidates.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation remain two of the most important soft skills for any IT professional. Make sure you highlight examples showing these traits throughout your work history.

Taking Initiative

Companies want to employ tech pros who display the necessary initiative for today’s business landscape. Once again, this needs to be an area of emphasis on your résumé.

Being Organized

Modern IT project methodologies require all workers to be highly organized. Expect questions from an interviewer geared at finding out your level of organization.

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