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How to Succeed in Your First Tech Position

Congratulations are definitely in order. Fresh out of school with a degree in hand, you authored a great résumé and nailed the interview, resulting in a job offer with a top IT firm. So getting your tech career off on the right foot needs to be your current focus.

With success in your first IT position in mind, here are a few tips and insights worth considering. Leverage these ideas to begin a hopefully lifelong career as a technology professional. Good luck in your efforts!

Focus on Teamwork and Collaboration

Tech companies want employees who are team players, not necessarily “lone rangers.” In fact, being able to work well with others is as important as technical ability for most organizations. Strong collaboration is the hallmark of DevOps and the Agile software methodology, so concentrate on being a valued member of the team.

Flexibility Helps Your Job Security

Don’t be surprised if your boss asks you to perform a task outside of your typical duties. Consider it an opportunity to learn a new skill. Flexibility and a willingness to “do whatever it takes” are both important attributes for anyone new to IT.

Making a positive impact on your new employer’s operations in any way possible remains a worthy goal for new workers. Remember, this first job offers a great opportunity!

Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes

The smartest tech organizations don’t mind their employees making mistakes because it serves as an opportunity to learn. So, beginning your IT career with a constant fear of failure is simply a poor approach. Admit any missteps; issue a mea culpa, and do better the next time.

Resiliency is another important trait tech employers look for in their staff.

Curiosity Made the IT Career

As a technology professional, your learning only stops on the day of your retirement. A curious nature and the desire to learn new things are especially important at the beginning of a career. Take advantage of any opportunity for training provided by your employer.

In your free time, learn new programming languages, technical frameworks or anything related to your company’s work. Additionally, become active in the local IT scene in your city. This extra effort pays off for both you and your employer over the long haul.

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