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How Often Should You Change Jobs? Four Things for IT Professionals to Keep in Mind.

The days of someone staying with the same company throughout a career are history. In today’s business world, workers seem to change employers almost every other year, and the technology industry isn’t bucking this trend. Ultimately, you need to decide whether changing jobs frequently is the best thing for your IT career prospects.

Whether you are looking to leave your current employer, or planning the arc of your technology career, here are a few insights worth considering. Heed this advice for a rewarding professional life until your retirement day.

Consider the Opinion of the Hiring Manager

Sure, some industry pundits feel millennials are more apt to switch jobs multiple times in their careers; however, consider the opinion of hiring managers and executives. Since these roles tend to be filled by those from an older generation, they are typically attracted to candidates with a more stable work history. Employee loyalty remains a valuable trait in the modern IT world.

Switching Jobs Offers a Chance to Grow and Learn

On the other hand, some startup companies are managed by younger workers. They see a candidate frequently changing positions as someone taking the opportunity to learn new skills and grow as a professional. These somewhat contradictory opinions mean you need to fully research the type of company where you want to work.

Quickly Boost Your Compensation Rate

A recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes the average American holds nine different jobs by the time they are 32. One reason for this rapid rate of change is the opportunity to quickly boost their pay rate. If the desire for a higher salary is driving your career path, changing employers regularly provides a faster chance for additional responsibility and higher pay.

How Often Is “Too Often”?

When it comes to switching jobs in the IT industry, there’s a fine line between being considered a “go-getter” or a “job hopper.” As noted earlier, the answer to this question ultimately depends on the employer. A good rule of thumb to follow is one job change every two years.

Sue Honoré from Ashridge, a UK-based research school commented on this point. “Our research shows that employers accept job moves with a two-year gap, although they want good people to stay longer,” she said.

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