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Nine IT Skills That Recruiters Will Love

A major component of any successful technology career involves making sure your IT skills stay up to date. Possessing the most in-demand abilities ensures an easy time when looking for a new position. In short, attracting the best tech companies requires a state-of-the-art skill set.

Here is a list of what IT organizations are looking for when vetting candidates. Ensure your résumé boasts these skills to make your recruiter happy. Soon you will be in the tech position of your dreams.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence continues to revolutionize the technology world. Machine Learning and AI provide benefits to everything from data science to self-driving cars. Tech pros with experience in this area remain in demand.


IT professionals with experience in information security are worth their weight in gold. This fact isn’t surprising considering the large number of hacking incidents in the news.

Exposure to Agile and DevOps

The Agile methodology and DevOps organizational framework help software get written and deployed as fast as possible. Because of this, companies want software engineers and other tech professionals with experience with both. Highlight any exposure on your résumé.

Data Science

Data scientists boast a unique mixture of skills combining technology and science with business acumen. Among other duties, they help companies wean actionable insights out of masses of stored data.

Mobile Application Development

Considering the amount of people using their smartphone as a computer, it comes as no surprise mobile application developers continue to be in demand. Experience in developing apps for the iOS and Android platforms is a must. Companies also need talent with mobile web development experience.

SaaS and the Cloud

As more companies invest in Cloud-based software platforms, they need IT professionals experienced in this area. This includes skills in virtualization, including container platforms, like Docker. Development experience in Software as a Service (SaaS) applications is a plus.

Software Development

Software developers never really fall out of demand in IT. Some of the language experience companies look for include Python, Java, and the ubiquitous JavaScript.

Data Analytics

Skill in data analytics is greatly needed at companies needing to make sense out of patterns in data. This is somewhat related to data science, but with less of an educational requirement.

The Ability to Work in a Collaborative Environment

Tech companies of all sizes want to hire team players. Be sure to stress your collaborative nature on your résumé and during interviews. Teamwork is vital!

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