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Six Ways to Demonstrate Leadership as a Scientific Project Manager

Strong leadership remains one of the most important traits for any project manager. This especially includes those PMs currently working in a scientific or technical discipline. Complex project work requires a leader able to keep a disparate team inspired and focused on the task at hand.

What follows are a collection of tips and ideas on how to display the right amount of leadership as a scientific project manager. Leverage these insights to ensure the initiatives you lead are a success for the client and your team.

Strong and Open Communication

Scientific project managers need to foster open communication between the team and the business stakeholders. This rule especially applies if the initiative follows the Agile methodology. Everyone needs to be on the same page with no secrets hampering morale or overall productivity.

Technical Competence

While a project manager need not possess the technical or science chops of their project team, it helps give them a measure of credibility. Scientific acumen definitely matters when interacting with stakeholders. Being able to offer some insight with a difficult problem is another plus.

Staying on an Even Keel

Scientific and technical projects are known for their twists and turns. A project manager able to stay calm in stormy seas adds value. This is an essential part of showing the right kind of PM leadership.

Being an Attentive Listener

Good project managers don’t simply issue edicts from a virtual ivory tower. They know how to listen to concerns from both team members and stakeholders, ensuring any issues get addressed quickly. In fact, listening skills are as important as speaking ability for a PM.

Leaders Know How to Delegate

A smart leader knows not to do everything alone. Being able to delegate responsibilities to senior members of the project team ensures the manager can focus on the most important tasks. This also fosters leadership skills among their team.

The Buck Still Stops Here

Ultimately, when a final decision on a project needs to be made, the best leaders don’t shy away from that level of authority. They are able to see all sides of an issue and make the right choice without hesitation. If a mistake gets made, they take responsibility for their choice.

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