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The Secret to Writing an Attention-Grabbing Engineering Cover Letter

When looking for a new engineering job, your résumé plays a crucial role in earning a chance to interview. But a well-authored cover letter also contributes to getting a shot to shine in person. In fact, a competitive job market dictates both are required to stand out from other candidates.

What follows are a few tips for crafting a winning engineering cover letter. Leverage these insights to raise your chances at an interview and job offer.

Personalize Every Cover Letter

Using a stock cover letter when applying for an engineering job lessens your chances for an interview. Take time to personalize each letter sent with your résumé. Use this opportunity to go into additional detail on why you make a good fit for the company’s open position.

Leverage a word processing template to save you some time, but make sure each cover letter is geared towards the company in question. This extra effort helps earn you that interview!

Understand the Requirements of the Open Position

Take the time to analyze the job requirements of the open engineering position. This includes both the necessary technical skills as well as the professional experience desired by the company. Your cover letter needs to clearly explain how you meet each and every requirement.

Ultimately, you need to make it easy for a hiring manager to decide to bring you in for an interview. The cover letter gives you an extra opportunity.

Exude Confidence in Your Letter

While bragging too much isn’t the right approach, make sure you show the right amount of confidence throughout your cover letter. This applies to being confident about your status as a professional engineer as well as your great fit for their open position.

Try to Show Both Style and Brevity

Cultural fit influences whether a company makes you an offer, so don’t be afraid of displaying a measure of personality. At the same time, keep the letter short and to the point. Remember the large amount of resumes a hiring manager needs to review for a position.

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