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How to Write a Great Civil Engineering Cover Letter

Sure, your résumé plays a role in earning an interview for that civil engineering position you desire. Companies need to know you possess the skills and professional experience to succeed with their organization. In a competitive job market, however, a personalized cover letter helps differentiate the top candidates from the rest of the pack.

Here are few tips for authoring a cover letter to help you get an engineering job interview. Leverage these insights to find yourself in the civil engineering position of your dreams. Good luck!

Use the Cover Letter to Support the Résumé Contents

The cover letter gives you a great opportunity for supporting the contents of your résumé. This concept applies to your technical skill set as well as the tangible impacts you made for previous employers. It lets you go into extra detail while still keeping your résumé clear and easy to read.

Remember, a typical hiring manager only gets a minute or two to peruse every candidate applying for their open position. Once they determine you are worthy of a closer analysis, a cover letter provides the extra information they need to determine whether to bring you in for an interview.

Still, just like with a résumé, brevity is also important in a cover letter. One well-written page suffices for highlighting your relevant skills and professional accomplishments. Including some facts and figures to support those achievements also helps engender interest from the hiring manager.

Display Your Personality in the Cover Letter

Engineering companies want to ensure a candidate would be a great fit in their office. Therefore, use the cover letter to display some of your personality traits. Make sure you come across as both friendly and professional. Try to highlight work successes accomplished by teamwork and collaboration.

Use the cover letter express why you are interested in their open position. Displaying your passion for the engineering field is another smart idea. Try to show off some of your research into the company, especially their completed projects and overall reputation in the industry.

Work with a trusted friend – or even an engineering recruiter – to ensure your spelling and grammar are exemplary and that the cover letter serves to highlight your experience and technical abilities.

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