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Are You Hiring Enough Female Tech Talent?

A diverse workplace is an engaged and productive workplace. This golden rule also applies in the technology industry, especially when it comes to gender. Talented female tech professionals offer businesses of all sizes a myriad of advantages.

Is your organization properly leveraging the underutilized resource of female technology talent? Don’t let a gender gap cause your company to fall behind its competitors in the modern business landscape. Any smart IT firm needs the right mix of employees to truly succeed.

Casting a Wide Net Prevents a Skills Gap

Many technology companies suffer from a skills gap. This hampers their ability to compete, especially in emerging areas of technology, like data science or machine learning. If this is the truth in your office, you really need to analyze your staffing practices to improve your ability to find IT talent.

Building a company culture known for diversity, inclusiveness and exemplary technical acumen should be your goal. Hiring a robust amount of female technology employees plays a crucial role in your organization achieving this culture. Make sure your staffing plan includes actionable items aimed at sourcing, attracting, and ultimately hiring female IT professionals.

Obviously, casting as wide a net as possible when hiring technology talent, ensures your company enjoys the benefits of a productive and diverse staff.

Improve the Sourcing of Female IT Professionals at Your Company

Multiple means exist for your company to improve its sourcing of diverse tech talent. We already talked about building a culture known for inclusiveness and sterling technical work. Additionally, take care when writing job descriptions; making sure no gender bias is present.

Focus on using hiring channels known for female tech talent. Talk to others within your professional network about what channels they use to foster diversity at their own organization. Don’t forget your connections at local universities and technical colleges as they provide a reliable source for female IT graduates just beginning their careers.

It is also important not to settle for hiring one “token” female employee. Ensure that women are well represented on your staffing team and encourage them to help you build a diverse workforce. The presence of veteran IT females on your staff also provides a source of mentorship for new employees.

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