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Six Tricks to Remember the Night Before a STEM Interview

A well-authored résumé and cover letter did the trick; earning you an interview with a top STEM company in your area. It’s the night before the big day and your final prep work is finished. A great performance tomorrow remains the biggest factor in earning you that coveted job offer.

To ensure you blow the socks off your interviewers, here are a few tips and tricks worthy of attention. Leverage these ideas to help ensure you get that job offer.

A Final Study of Your STEM Skills and Professional Experience

Expect a significant portion of your interview to cover your technical skills and STEM-related professional experience. As such, spend time the night before the interview reviewing your résumé with an eye towards answering questions on these topics – follow-ups too! It is important this information resides at the forefront of your memory, so you answer clearly and confidently.

Research the Company You Are Interviewing With

When given the opportunity to ask a question during the interview, come prepared with a meaningful query on the company and its operations. Spend some time researching the company. Either perform this research or review your findings the night before the interview so it is fresh in your mind.

Don’t Forget the Importance of a Good First Impression

First impressions matter during an interview. Dress for success, which means professional attire, even if their office has a relaxed dress code. Also, double-check your overall appearance before heading to the interview.

A Practice Interview Helps With Your Preparation

The night before the interview, have a friend ask you a few sample interview questions. Focus on your work history and skill set, which will be covered during the interview. This helps you better prepare for the real thing.

Review the Directions to the Interview Site

Arriving late for an interview probably ruins your shot at a job offer. Check the directions to the interview location the night before, while running through the route in your mind. Try to get there at least 15 minutes early.

Exude Confidence

Use a meditation session the night before the interview to build your own confidence. All this prep work will pay off in a successful result. Focus on doing a great job.

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