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IT Résumé Re-Do: Things You Need to Add ASAP

Keeping your tech résumé up to date remains an essential part of being an IT professional. Remember this golden rule: You never know when you’ll need to find work. An outdated CV – especially in the technology industry – will hamper your job search efforts.

With an eye towards engineering a great candidacy, here are a few tips on what you need to add to your résumé before beginning to look for work.

Hard Numbers Reflecting Your Tangible Accomplishments

Tech companies want to know you’ll make a positive impact on their operations. Be sure to pepper your work history with hard facts and figures highlighting your professional accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to show detail using numbers and percentages. The goal is to impress the hiring manager.

Experience With Latest Technologies

As an IT professional, the learning ends when you retire. As such, make sure to include the hottest new technical skills on your résumé. This includes things like machine learning and AI, Python and other emerging programming languages, as well as newer project methodologies, such as DevOps. Even if those skills aren’t relevant for the open position, hiring managers want to see your drive to new learn new things.

Hot IT Industry Certifications

List any technical certifications you recently earned. Of course, focus on emerging technologies and skills, especially those included in the requirements for the open position. Once again, companies want to hire candidates that take charge of their career development. A robust collection of certifications helps in this regard.

Make Your Résumé Search-Engine Friendly

Hiring managers increasingly use the internet to find candidates and research their backgrounds. Your résumé needs to include the right keywords to make it easier for interested companies to find you. Highlighting the latest skills and experience with these keywords simply places your candidacy higher in the search results. Ultimately, it helps you get hired faster!

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