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How to Attract Entry-Level IT Professionals

When your organization needs an influx of technology talent, candidates fresh out of school bring some advantages to the table. They typically demand lower salaries compared to experienced IT professionals, while showing the enthusiasm of someone just beginning their tech career. Attracting these kinds of candidates requires a different staffing approach, however.

What follows are a few tips and insights useful for hiring entry-level technology candidates. Leverage these ideas to add some fresh talent to your company’s IT team and soon they’ll be making a positive impact in your office.

Develop a High-Quality Internship Program

Offering internships to college-aged IT students provides a terrific way to source entry-level candidates after they graduate. The benefits to this approach are numerous. First, you get the valuable opportunity to see the person perform in your office; interacting with your current staff.

Additionally, an internship program is a wonderful way to publicize your organization as one open to hiring new graduates.

Network With College Alumni Associations

Boosting your networking efforts with college alumni associations works well in tandem with your company’s internship program. Even consider interviewing soon-to-be graduates on campus as part of your approach. This is a smart way to find other worthy entry-level candidates.

Hosting or participating in an on-campus job fair is also worthy of consideration. Meeting potential candidates while also publicizing your company are two benefits of this tactic.

Create Job Ads Focusing on Skills Instead of Experience

When creating job ads for a position open to entry-level candidates, be sure to focus on the required skills. By including professional experience requirements, you simply discourage potentially great employees from applying for a job. Letting these new graduates feel confident in their success when applying is the smarter approach.

Search Social Media and Online Technology Communities

Online technical communities and social media are two other great sources of talented, entry-level technology professionals. You may find someone with exemplary skills, but without a college degree. Don’t assume someone with only a high school diploma or GED doesn’t possess the skills to succeed in the IT world!

Considering all or some of these approaches as part of your company’s IT staffing plan will help you attract more entry-level talent. They are an important part of any tech company’s employee group.

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