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Ready to Impress? Three Questions to Ask at the End of Every Tech Interview.

The interview plays the largest role in earning you a job offer from the tech company of your dreams. A great performance involves displaying knowledge about your technical abilities and the tangible impacts you made for previous employers. Asking a few meaningful questions of your own also contributes to the positive impression you give to interviewers.

Here are a few ideas on what questions to ask when prompted during an IT job interview. Use these insights to be better prepared when interviewing for a top-notch technology position.

How does your current project work fit into the company’s goals for the future?

In addition to studying your own professional history and technical skills before the interview, you need to spend some time researching the company in question. This gives you a great opportunity to show off your research with a meaningful question like the above.

First, this question displays some insights on the company’s current projects and that you made the effort to learn more about their operations. Second, it illustrates your desire to know more about the future goals for the organization. Employers want to hire employees who plan on staying aboard for the long haul.

How can I exceed your expectations as an employee?

When considering the costs involved in finding and hiring a great candidate, companies want to employ someone who adds value in a myriad of ways. A desire to understand what it takes to exceed the typical expectations for this role shows you possess the drive to perform in a superior manner.

Michael B. Junge, a recruiting industry leader, comments on the value of this question. “The question shows confidence without being overly brash, while also demonstrating that you have an interest in delivering positive results,” said Junge.

What excites you about coming into work?

This is an effective question that probes into the office culture of the company as well as the professional motivations of the interviewer. Finding a sense of common ground between the two of you also makes you feel more confident and comfortable. It helps you close the interview on a positive note, while leaving a positive impression with the interviewer.

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