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Three Steps for Recruiting Passive IT Professionals

When sourcing the top technology talent, your organization needs to use as wide of a net as possible. This becomes more difficult in an IT industry that employs some professionals who don’t actively look for work. Finding and successfully interviewing tech pros that aren’t Type-A personalities requires a different focus to make sure your company always hires the best.

What follows are a few tips and insights on the proper recruiting of passive technology professionals. Leverage these ideas for the most diverse and productive IT staff possible. Good luck in your efforts!

Become Widely Known in the Technology Community

Building an organization known for a welcoming corporate culture, interesting project work, and meaningful employee development remains the best way to be known in the IT community. The most talented tech workers want to be employed at these kinds of firms. This golden rule also includes those IT pros typically not looking to switch positions.

Consider sponsoring a programming conference or another technology event where your “perfect employee” likes to attend. Highlight your company’s project work and charitable activities on your social media accounts. These actions help to get the word out about your organization.

Detailed Researching to Find the Best Candidates

When your company is extremely picky when choosing to hire a new technology employee, your HR team needs to spend significant time sourcing the right candidates. They need to fully understand your technology stack before beginning to search LinkedIn and other online communities for the right IT professionals. Also, leverage your own network to see who is aware of any qualified candidates that fit into your company’s vision.

Strategies for Approaching Passive Technology Professionals

Once you’ve identified a few candidates as potential fits for your office, it’s time to show your interest. Reach out on LinkedIn to express your organization’s desire to meet. If you don’t hear anything right away, wait at least two to three days before sending a second message.

While perseverance is important, you don’t want to come across as pushy. Still, if your company made the effort to develop and publicize its innovative project work and office culture, chances are good the interest is mutual. Finding the right mix between being personable and persistent without overdoing it helps to seal the deal.

Also, work with your tech staffing agency partner for additional help in sourcing and attracting the best passive candidates.

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