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What Can IT Professionals Do to Make the Field More Diverse?

Diversity needs to be championed throughout the business world, and the technology industry is no exception. IT organizations benefit from employing a diverse workforce in a myriad of ways. Broadening the points of view in your office only serves to create a stronger and more collaborative company – a requirement in this era of Agile and DevOps.

Let’s take a look at a few strategies for making both your company and the IT industry as a whole more diverse. Leverage these ideas to foster a welcoming office culture at your tech business.

Exposing Minorities and Females to Technology at an Early Age

Providing minority and female students a window into the advantages of a tech career is important early in their scholastic life. It helps to develop a fertile environment for the technical talent necessary to compete in today’s worldwide economy. This opinion is shared by Dr. Albert Green, CEO at Kent Displays.

“Innovation-based companies like ours need young, talented individuals to fill a wide variety of technology positions. A fertile resource for technical talent is the minority community – of which I am a member. Not only am I minority technologist, I am also a CEO and member of several boards of directors. I proudly wear all these hats and am committed to help and support others successfully enter technology-oriented professions,” said Green.

Management Needs to Lead by Example

The management team at your company plays a key role in building a diverse workplace. Don’t merely pay lip service to the concept. Dive in by taking leadership in a variety of related events, including diversity workshops and job fairs at minority colleges.

Showing this example to rest of your staff – both “majority group” and minorities – helps build the right kind of diverse culture at your shop. Ensure your managers possess the right diversity training to successfully spread the right attitude around the office.

Analyze Your Hiring Processes for Hidden Biases

Work with your HR team to remove any hidden biases against minority and female candidates. They sometimes appear in job descriptions, standardized interview questions and recruitment strategies. Your organization might be already missing out on hiring talented minority and women employees, so focus on this area early.

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