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Ten Keywords to Include in Your LinkedIn Engineering Profile

There’s no denying your LinkedIn profile essentially serves as an online version of an engineering résumé. As such, it is important to keep it up to date. Considering HR personnel typically search LinkedIn for qualified candidates, peppering your profile with the hottest engineering keywords helps them discover you.

Here are a few ideas on keywords you need to include on your LinkedIn profile. It plays a key role in being found by the top engineering companies in the business.

CAD Software Experience

Whatever software you use for CAD – be it Autodesk or something else – include the name of the application in the skills section of your profile. Companies with an investment in a certain application search LinkedIn for engineers experienced with it.

Professional Certifications

If you earned your PE, congratulations are in order as it is a difficult process. Make sure this keyword is highlighted on your profile. The same rule applies with any specializations or alternative certifications.

Industry Segment

Engineers work in a wide range of industries. Use keywords to denote your specific industry segment so interested companies are able to find you.

Relevant Skills

Many hiring managers scan a profile’s skills section to find worthy engineering candidates. In addition to highlighting CAD experience, include other skills relevant to your experience, such as energy efficiency, HVAC and solar.

Robotics and Machine Learning

Machine learning remains an important innovation in the area of robotics and manufacturing. Leverage these keywords on your profile if they apply to your engineering experience.

Business Skills

Many companies want engineers who also understand the business world. Use keywords like business analysis, business development and business intelligence to highlight any skills in this area.

Research and Analytics

Engineers with the ability to perform research and deep analytics are worth their weight in gold. Include these keywords if you boast experience in these areas.

Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Engineers who speak clearly and communicate well with the written word remain valuable. They are able to author design documents or handle communicating with business stakeholders on an important project. Include keywords related to these skills on your profile.

Leadership Acumen

If you served in a senior engineering role or even as a project manager, place these keywords on your LinkedIn profile. This helps HR staff when they need an engineer with PM experience.

Don’t Forget Your Location

If you are only willing to work in your current area, pepper your LinkedIn profile with the name of your city or metro area. This helps local engineering recruiters find you more easily.

If you need additional advice on developing your engineering career, talk to the expert team at Synerfac. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in the Northeast, we can help you take things to a higher level. Connect with us today.