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The Unofficial Job Search Guide for Recent STEM Graduates

Congratulations on your recent graduation with a degree in one of the STEM disciplines. Now, the real work begins, as it’s time to find a job. You need to take a measured and disciplined approach to secure employment as quickly as possible.

What follows is a guide to ensure you understand everything involved with your first job search as a STEM professional. Use this advice to find the job of your dreams.

Craft a Winning Résumé

A great résumé plays an important role in convincing STEM organizations to bring you in for an interview. Since you are just beginning your career in the field, a different approach is required compared to an experienced professional. Focus on the tangible skills you learned in college, while also highlighting any relevant experience earned as an intern.

Leverage any current keywords when highlighting your skills, as this helps improve your chances of being found by a hiring manager. HR teams rely on internet searches when sourcing new candidates. Proofread your résumé to ensure it contains no spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Personalize Each Cover Letter You Send

The cover letter provides a way to expand on your résumé. Make sure you personalize each cover letter you send for an open position. Add detail on how your skill set and internship experience meets the needs of the open position.

While personalizing each letter is a must, using a template helps save time when reaching out to multiple companies at once.

Practice Interviewing Techniques

Get a friend to help practice your interview skills. Focus on speaking clearly and confidently while making natural eye contact. Positive body language also helps you feel more confident when it comes time for the real thing. Practice is especially important a day or two before the actual interview.

Partner With an Experienced STEM Recruiter

A partnership with an experienced STEM recruiter will start your career off on the right foot. The best recruiters know their local market, while being able to tailor the candidacy of someone new to the field. They can also help with your résumé and cover letter template.

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