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Going After Your Dream Job in STEM – The Job Search Strategy You Need to Make It All Happen

You recently decided to find a great job in one of the STEM disciplines. Simply cold-calling a few companies and sending off some résumés you threw together won’t suffice. Success in this endeavor requires you executing the right strategy to ensure that dream position is yours!

Here are a few tips to include as part of your STEM job search plan. Use these ideas to help ensure a successful result. Soon you will be in a rewarding position with a career track pointed to the stars!

It All Begins With a Plan

Before starting to search, take the time to develop a well-considered plan. This includes steps for updating your résumé, authoring a cover letter template, and identifying the companies where you want to work. Document all the components of your plan in Google Docs or Word and refer to it regularly as your strategy evolves.

Research Each Company Where You Want to Apply

Leverage social media and internet news sources to find out the latest on their project work. Understanding their company culture is a large factor in whether you’d make a good fit.

Having this information fresh in your mind also helps during an interview when prompted to ask a question of your own. Show off this research to impress the interviewer!

Practice Your Interviewing Techniques

An exemplary interview performance plays a huge role in getting a job offer. As such, work with a friend on your interviewing techniques. This includes speaking clearly and confidently as well as making natural eye contact. Also take care to use positive body language throughout.

Additionally, be sure to study your résumé and technical background the night before the interview. This includes your company research. All this information needs to be at the front of your mind when interviewing.

Work With an Experienced STEM Recruiter

A relationship with a talented STEM recruiter is a part of any smart job search strategy. The best recruiters understand the company’s needs and culture while helping put you in a position for success. They also may know about opportunities before the general public!

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