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Four Hidden Phrases That Could be Sabotaging Your Cover Letter

Of course, your technical résumé plays the biggest role in earning you an interview for a great technology position. However, it is important not to ignore the relevance of a well-written and personalized cover letter. It gives you the opportunity to support the contents of your CV while also expressing your desire for the job.

What follows is a look at a few hidden phrases in your letter that might cause your candidacy more harm than good. Let’s take a closer look to ensure you get that interview!

“My résumé states…”

While your cover letter is supposed to support the contents of your résumé, that doesn’t mean to reiterate any of that information. Instead, use the cover letter to go into more detail on your professional history. Don’t merely restate that information.

Additionally, explain the good fit between you and the company’s open position. This lets you show off your research into their project work and office culture.

“This job would help me because…”

Make the needs of your potential employer the focus of your cover letter – not your own wishes. A selfless nature carries a lot of weight in the mind of the hiring manager. This rule especially matters in a technology industry that now emphasizes a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

“I think I’d be a great fit”

Project an air of confidence – without arrogance – in your cover letter. Phrases that include “I think” aren’t useful because they express feelings instead of facts. You need to convince that hiring manager to bring you in for an interview, so clearly state factual information instead of your opinions.

Weak adjectives like “good”

While not an actual phrase per se, watch out for the overuse of weak adjectives in your cover letter. This especially includes the use of “good.” Instead, try to include a variety of stronger synonyms, including: accomplished, experienced, talented, skilled and so on.

Work with your recruiter to ensure your cover letter template – personalized for each open position – includes strong verbiage while avoiding these and other phrases that don’t place you in the best light. With a strong letter, your chances at earning that interview rank near the top.

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