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Permanent or Contract Engineering Positions – Which Staffing Solution Is Best for Your Company?

Building – and retaining – a top-notch engineering staff requires strategic planning and the company culture to make your organization attractive to engineers. Deciding to offer permanent positions, contract work or a mixture of the two is part of any technical organization’s staffing plan. Understanding the positives and negatives of either approach is a must.

So let’s compare the differences between permanent employment and temporary contract work to help your team devise the right staffing strategy for your business. Leverage these insights to build the most efficient and productive team possible.

The Flexibility of a Temporary Staffing Focus

Contract engineering employment gives your company the flexibility to compete in a changing marketplace. If you need to fill a skills gap to complete an important project, hiring a few talented temps remains a smart tactic. The same concept also applies when simply needing an influx of engineers to finish the work on time.

This flexibility helps your firm better manage the twists and turns of the year. In short, you aren’t paying full salaries for the entire team when the project is completed. When the need arises again, simply increase your staff with a new round of engineers.

Contracts also offer your company a chance to “test drive” an engineer before potentially offering them a permanent position. On the other hand, relying too much on temporary contracts raises your overall staffing costs, while making it more difficult to build a company culture able to attract the best engineers. Perhaps a mixture of both approaches makes sense for your organizational staffing needs?

Permanent Employees Build Company Culture

Fostering the right company culture is essential for any engineering firm. Your employees play a massive role in this cultural development. Any permanent hires help bring new employees up to speed; supporting their own success as well as that of the organization. They tend to give their utmost on projects, while a temp worker may be mostly focused on earning a paycheck.

While your company loses a bit of flexibility with permanent employees when it comes to staffing, this additional cost certainty helps during budget time. As noted earlier, focusing on full-time hires while mixing in contract employees when needed gives your company the flexibility for success no matter the economic environment.

Partnering with an engineering staffing agency able to provide both types of candidates is likely the smartest call for your company’s success – both now and in the future. As one of the top technical employment firms in the country, Synerfac is the right partner for you. Schedule some time with us soon!