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Five Things to Expect After Accepting a Job Offer

Congratulations are in order. A great résumé and strong interview performance paid off with a job offer from one of the top technology companies in your area. After some consideration, you accepted the offer and are looking forward to their onboarding process.

What follows is a look at the next steps you can expect after agreeing to a job offer. Leverage these insights to ensure you properly prepare yourself for the first day on the job.

Informing Your Current Employer

Giving at least two weeks’ notice is a professional courtesy that’s required. Work with your current boss to develop a plan to transition your assignments to your soon-to-be former co-workers.

Reaching Out to Your New Boss

Connect with your new boss to go over their plan for the onboarding process. This especially helps if you need to study up on any new applications or project work. The most important thing remains to be prepared to the hit the ground running on your first day.

Connecting With the Company on Social Media

While you likely researched your new employer as part of your interview prep work, take things a step further by connecting with them on social media. Your long-term success with the organization depends on embracing the company culture. Staying up to date on their latest news – even before your first day – helps kick off this process.

Updating Your Online Professional Presence

Soon after your first day – or even before – make sure you fully update your professional social media presence. This includes LinkedIn as well as any other similar sites where you maintain an account. If you publish a technology-related blog, informing your readership is another important step.

Also, don’t forget to reach out to any other companies you spoke with during your job search about your new position. This is especially important when deciding between two offers.

Prepare for the Excitement of a New Opportunity

A new opportunity means learning new technical skills, project methodologies and more. You get the chance to take your career to a higher level while expanding your professional network. Make sure you sufficiently prepare yourself to make a positive impact from the beginning!

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