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The Pros and Cons of Contract Work

At some point in your technology career, you might get the opportunity for project work on a temporary basis. In fact, some IT professionals prefer the flexibility of being a contractor compared to a full-time employee. It also provides a great way to learn new skills while expanding your professional network.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of technology contract work. Is it an approach that makes sense for your IT career growth? Leverage these insights to ensure you choose wisely if offered the chance for a temporary position.

The Advantages of Being a Technology Contractor

Many organizations hire temporary technical contractors to fill a skills gap on an important initiative. In a similar fashion, a temp position might provide you with an opportunity to use a newly minted IT skill on a real project. This isn’t always the case when stuck using technology nearing its obsolescence.

If you prefer a flexible tech career filled with twists and turns, working as a freelance contractor gives you that chance. You gain experience in a variety of industries and build your skills inventory – all while networking with different groups of IT professionals. This network also becomes invaluable whenever you need to find a new gig.

Ultimately, building a career as an IT contractor makes sense for those who thrive on change and enjoy learning new technical skills.

Things to Consider Before Going Freelance

Freelancing requires a measure of intestinal fortitude. Obviously, don’t expect the security of a permanent IT position. Periods without any available work are a possibility. Building a large professional network helps keep this time to a minimum, as noted earlier.

Contract workers don’t receive benefits like a permanent employee. You need to acquire your own health and life insurance. Professional liability insurance is another possibility, so keep this in mind before diving into the freelance pool.

You probably need to handle your own invoicing and other light bookkeeping tasks. Thankfully, there are many tools available to assist the technical freelancer. As such, spending a couple of hours each week working as your own “accountant” is likely.

Your technology recruiter is a great source for insights on freelance IT work. They understand the current market and what companies are looking for temporary technical talent.

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