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STEM Job Interview? The Secret to Walking in With Confidence

Experience and education are important in landing an interview, but to make a great first impression, confidence is key. If you have been invited for a STEM job interview, the hiring manager is already impressed with your background. Now they want to get to know you. Here’s how you can enter with confidence.

Have a vision

Know what you envision for your future and what you would rather avoid. Have the confidence to ask real questions to decide if the company is the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to say no to a job that is not the right fit. The only way to find out is to dig deep to learn about the company culture and what job is truly like.


You’ll find plenty of interview advice telling you to research the company you are interviewing with to ensure you know the company. Of course, that is important. But it is even more essential to know yourself. Prepare examples of previous success stories and practice them, so you can deliver them with confidence.

Leave nothing to chance

Test out the route to the interview location. Make sure there is no construction or other unexpected glitches that can cause you to run late or contribute to stress. Try on your interview attire to be sure its in good shape and fits well. Clothing that tugs or pinches can be distracting.

Arrive early

Don’t show up in the lobby half an hour early but get to the vicinity of the interview location. Find a coffee shop or even a park where you can go over your notes to prepare and eliminate any risks of being late.

Understand industry trends

The interviewer will want to know you are plugged in. Be ready to share trends that are of interest to you to demonstrate you have an overall interest in the industry.

Follow your best morning routine

Many thought leaders discuss the importance of a morning routine, so don’t skip what works best for you, whether that means working out, meditation or journaling. Sticking to your regular routine can keep you calm and confident.

Practice power posing

You are probably aware of the importance of body language in making a great impression. You’ve got a strong handshake. You know how to sit attentively. But did you know that the correct body language can actually give you confidence?

A Harvard Study indicated that “those who sat in the high-power pose, felt more powerful and performed better in mock interviews than those who had not.” What is a power pose? It’s a pose that is expansive, takes up space.

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