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Is Your Social Media Job Search Ready?

The growth of social media continues to impact how IT pros find jobs. In fact, the number of tech recruiters who rely on social networking to source quality candidates far outnumbers those that don’t. Ultimately, if you want a great technology position, a professional social media presence is a must.

What follows are a few insights and ideas to ensure a rewarding job search when using social media. Leverage these tips to get a tech position of your dreams as quickly as possible.

Treat Your LinkedIn Profile as THE Online Version of Your Résumé

It bears repeating that a LinkedIn profile essentially serves as the most important online edition of your résumé. As such, you need to ensure it stays updated with your latest professional accomplishments and technical skills. Use actionable verbs to illustrate the tangible differences you made throughout your career to date.

Since recruiters use search terms to find qualified candidates, make sure to pepper your profile with the hottest IT keywords relevant to your tech skills. A keyword or two in your headline also improves your LinkedIn “SEO.” This all plays a role in getting discovered for a new position matching your skill set.

Additionally, leverage LinkedIn to build your professional network – another essential aspect of a successful job search. One last reminder about LinkedIn: a great profile photo is a must!

Using Social Media to Build a Professional Brand and Sterling Reputation

Other social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, also matter when it comes to your IT job search. Make sure you fully understand your privacy settings, especially on Facebook. Recruiters also use social media to vet a candidate’s professionalism, so those keg party photos from college should be deleted.

When optimizing your professional brand on social media, use the same profile photo on all your accounts. This helps to improve your recognition factor – a key part of the brand-building process. Again, use popular IT keywords related to your experience on all social media summaries.

Finally, review your social media presence with your tech recruiter – everything from LinkedIn to Instagram matters. They can offer an insight or two to put your best foot forward.

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