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Hiring Trends in the Science Field

Like the rest of the technology world, the demand is great for experienced professionals in science. Hiring managers and executives in this sector must develop and execute the right staffing plans for sourcing scientific talent. A fierce competition means your company risks being left behind without a thoughtful hiring approach.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the latest hiring trends within the field of science. Leverage these insights as part of a focus on finding – and hiring – the most talented professionals in the industry. Good luck in your efforts!

Technical Skills Are Growing in Importance in Science

The influence of emerging technology advancements on scientific work puts the onus on a hiring manager recruiting candidates with the right skills. Depending on their specific role, science professionals need to be familiar with data analytics, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and more. A similar concept also applies to the life sciences, with stem cell technology and analytical chemistry quickly growing in relevance.

The Globalization of Science Markets

International markets for products spawned by science continue their growth. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical industry, where the global market is growing by nearly 20 percent annually. As such, candidates with bilingual skills are highly desired in certain scientific fields. Be prepared to tailor your interviewing to focus on a candidate’s multi-lingual skill set or international experience if relevant.

Consider Partnerships With Universities and Colleges

Offering internships to emerging scientific talent is a traditional means for finding quality candidates, and vetting their skills in-house. If anything, this approach is now on the upswing within the scientific community. Companies across the scientific world now partner with universities in a myriad of ways, including on-campus events and hybrid academic-industry labs.

Your organization needs to consider a similar tack to stay ahead of this new science hiring trend.

Finding Candidates That Possess Soft Skills

Soft skills are increasingly relevant in a collaborative tech industry, and the scientific community provides no exception to this trend. Finding candidates with the verbal communication skills to interact with both stakeholders and co-workers is vital. Leadership, writing and research acumen also remain vital throughout the industry.

Make sure your company’s staffing plan gets updated; taking into account these latest hiring trends from the scientific community.

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