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Don’t Forget These Ten Basic Job Search Tips

Whether a new graduate or an experienced professional, searching for a new job strikes fear in the hearts of many. Frankly, it doesn’t have to be this way. A positive attitude makes finding a great new opportunity an easier process.

With a successful job hunt in mind, here is a collection of some basic tips and tricks to help your efforts. Soon, that perfect new position will be yours!

1. Craft a Clear and Concise Résumé

A well-written and easy to read résumé is a must. Keeping it concise helps hiring managers properly vet your candidacy. Remember, they may have hundreds of candidates to peruse.

2. Actionable Results in Your Professional History

Pepper the work history section of your résumé with the tangible impacts you made for previous employers. Companies want to know you are a difference maker. Don’t be afraid to include facts and figures.

3. Use Keywords in Your Résumé

Recruiters look for qualified candidates online. As such, you need to include the right keywords in your résumé to raise your chances of being found in the search results.

4. Personalize Each Cover Letter

Make it a point to personalize every cover letter you send when applying for a position. Go into detail on how your skills and experience match what the company needs.

5. Your Professional Network Matters

Take care to build a vibrant professional network throughout your career. Everything from being active on LinkedIn Groups to attending industry conferences helps. Leverage this network to source potential job opportunities.

6. Connect With Potential Employers on Social Media

Interacting with interesting companies on LinkedIn and social media helps you better understand their corporate culture. This matters a lot before deciding to apply for a position.

7. Practice Your Interviewing Techniques

Be sure to spend some time practicing your interviewing techniques before meeting with a company. Work on making natural eye contact, speaking clearly and displaying positive body language.

8. Study Your Résumé and Work History Before Interviewing

It is important to keep the information on your résumé at the forefront of your mind during an interview. The night before, spend an hour or two reviewing its contents, with a focus on being able to explain the positive impacts you made throughout your career.

9. Research the Company Before Your Interview

Possessing a deep understanding of an organization, its work, and the executive team helps you when prompted to ask a question of your own during an interview. Show off your homework with a meaningful question or two.

10. Partner With an Experienced Recruiter

A partnership with an experienced technology recruiter benefits you throughout your career. They help ensure your tech job searches end up successful.

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