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How to Ask About Company Culture During an Interview

Of course, the job interview still plays an important role in earning you a coveted technology position. You need to be prepared for an exemplary performance detailing your IT skills, experience and the positive difference you made for previous employers. When prompted, asking a few meaningful questions displays your work researching the company.

Finding out more about their organizational culture is a smart line of questioning. After all, a good cultural fit is a vital factor in your job happiness and chances for advancement.

Ask for a Concise Description of Their Company Culture

When prompted to ask a question, ask for an explanation of their company culture. If they already broached this topic earlier in the interview, follow up on some of the points they raised. Tangible details are important when discussing culture.

You need to find out whether their organization is a good fit for your career growth. This especially rings true if you have other job opportunities and culture is a deciding factor.

Going Beyond a Tour of Their Offices

If the interview is on-site and they give you a tour of their offices, use this opportunity for some follow-up questions on the company culture. After the tour, pose a query or two about what forms of company culture lurk beyond the quick office tour. The result involves getting the interviewer to display a measure of candor.

Ask to Speak With a Few of Their Veteran Employees

Some companies have you meet with current employees as part of an interview. This is likely a good sign about their company culture. If not, ask for the opportunity to meet with some of their veteran workers. Use this chance to probe into overall employee morale and the company’s turnover rate.

A Personal Question on the Interviewer’s View of the Company Culture

In closing, ask the interviewer for their own personal opinions on the company culture. Granted, it is reasonable to expect some bias in their answer. After you build up a measure of rapport with them, however, meaningful insights are still able to be weaned. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable in your decision if an offer is extended.

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