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How to Seamlessly Integrate New Employees

Your company’s most recent hiring process paid off, and as a result, a new technology employee soon begins their first day in your office. Simply throwing them in the deep end is a poor approach to integration. Instead, a well-considered onboarding process ensures the new worker quickly becomes a valued member of the team.

What follows are a few “best practices” aimed at the successful onboarding of a new IT employee. Leverage these insights to make sure your fresh hires are integrated and productive as fast as possible. Remember – this also plays a key role in retaining your staff over the long haul.

Before Their First Day on the Job

Your HR team needs to begin the onboarding process before a new employee’s first day. An online portal where they are able to fill out paperwork and learn about the company’s policies is worth the effort. They need to understand about dress code, parking, access to public transportation, etc.

Additionally, work with their managers to provide any documentation on current projects and software applications they are expected to use. A new hire typically wants to spend some time studying before starting the position. Once again, all these efforts help them get their bearings during their first few weeks on the job.

When a New Employee Arrives at the Office

With most of the HR paperwork done ahead of time, on their first day your new employee can focus on meeting with their manager and co-workers. Their work area needs to be ready to go with a computer, office supplies and anything else required. Make sure they understand any relevant security considerations – both online and related to building access.

Their manager needs to prepare a set of short-term goals (30 to 90 days likely works best) to give the new hire a sense of direction. Encourage them to ask any questions and offer feedback. Finally, a team lunch or even an after-hours outing helps to break the ice from a social standpoint.

Timely Feedback is Essential

Providing real-time feedback to your new employee is essential over their first few weeks on the job. They need to feel comfortable with becoming a productive member of the team. Identify any areas needing improvement while offering praise on their accomplishments to date.

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