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How to Sell Your Company an as Employer of Choice During an Interview

In an environment where technology firms compete for the top talent in the field, your company needs to stand out. The interview gives you the best chance to sell your organization, its office culture, and interesting project work. Ultimately, these factors all play a huge role in a candidate accepting a potential job offer.

With making a great hire in mind, here are a few tips to position your company as the place to be for the best IT talent. Leverage these insights to ensure the organization gets the new employee it wants.

Tailor Your Sales Pitch to the Candidate in Question

Every technology candidate is unique, with different career goals and experience levels. Make it a point to truly get to know the person, using both pre-interview research as well as your own analysis when face to face. Understanding their motivations and professional desires are essential when you highlight how your company is the best place to grow their career.

Ask a few questions about their professional history, trying to gauge how they felt about the office culture at previous employers. This gives you the ability to contrast your own company culture, while focusing on how your organization is better suited for their skill set and career growth.

Understand Your Company’s Place Among IT Organizations

Understanding your firm’s organizational strengths and weaknesses helps when pitching a job to a worthy candidate. Knowing your competition also matters. Smaller companies need to focus on providing a family atmosphere and the potential for significant earnings growth – especially at startups. Larger shops enjoy an advantage of stability and the chance to build a great career.

Use this information to position your company in the best possible light to the candidate.

Highlight What’s Great About Your Company Culture

Selling your company to a candidate means selling your office culture. Highlight any perks that would likely intrigue the candidate. Millennials probably want to know about flexible scheduling, the ability to telecommute, and the organization’s commitment to charitable activities. Those new to their career need to hear about your robust training program and generous tuition reimbursement policy.

Once again, vary your sales pitch based on what you know about the candidate. This helps you seal the deal.

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