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Is Your Font Landing You in the Trash Bin? Basic Résumé Dos and Don’ts.

The résumé still plays a vital role in attracting hiring managers looking for technology talent. Whenever they post an open position, parsing through potentially hundreds of candidates is a likely result. Because of this cold, hard fact, your résumé truly needs to stand out from the pack.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your résumé gives you the best chance at an interview and subsequently, a job offer. Also learn about a few common CV mistakes sure to put your candidacy in the recycle bin.

Do Include the Hottest Tech Keywords

Tech recruiters increasingly rely on internet searches to find qualified candidates for their open positions. As such, your résumé needs to include the latest keywords relevant to your IT skill set. Ensuring you get found during a search is the first step towards your dream job offer.

Don’t Make Your Résumé Too Long

Remember that hiring managers and recruiters typically peruse through a long list of candidates. They likely only get a minute or two to give your résumé a once over. So, try to keep your CV to one page maximum; only use a second page if you boast a lot of relevant experience.

Do Focus on Your Tangible Professional Accomplishments

Interested companies want to know you will make a positive impact on their operations as an employee. Be sure your résumé details any accomplishments you achieved for your previous employers. Include the facts and figures that illustrate the positive impact you made throughout your career to date.

Don’t Use a Poor Résumé Design

Résumés need to look sharp and be easy to read. This is no time to use a mishmash of fonts and other design styles that distract the hiring manager. Keep things simple by using a clear font, like Arial or Times Roman, and leverage the use of bullet points and bolding to highlight important information.

Be sure to get a trusted friend or colleague to review your CV for any spelling and grammatical errors. Ultimately, an experienced technical recruiter is a great resource for making sure your résumé is top-notch. Their advice is a key factor in any successful job hunt.

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